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I certify that the above answers are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.  I authorize Nautical knots to investigate any
statement contained in this application and to obtain necessary information to determine my qualifications.  I understand that this
application is not intended to be any kinf of contract or agreement.  In the event of my employment, I understand that any false or
misleading information given in my application, correspondence, discussions or interview may result in my immediate termination.  I am
also with the understanding that this position is a temporary, seasonal position and my employment will be dissolved amicably at the
end of the season (as determined by Nautical Knots management).  With good standing it may be possible to return for a following
season upon filing out a renewal application.
I Accept
Basic Employee Information
Applications submitted between now and mid April will be held until mid April before interviews will be scheduled.
Interviews for our 201
7 season will take place between April 15 and April 30.  Employees will begin sometime around May 15.
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